27 Mar 2023

Whispering Angel Season is here!

Kick off Whispering Angel Season with our best rosé yet


As the sun sets on summer, our favorite time of year has arrived in the Esclans Valley. Our winemakers are preparing to kick off the Harvest at Château d’Esclans where you can truly feel the magic throughout the property as our beautiful vineyards are alive with energy in anticipation of the new rose’s about to be created.   

From the early dawn when our grapes our carefully hand picked, to dusk when the sorting is completed…our innovative winemaking techniques are ready to be set in motion, each step meticulously executed to ensure we once again create the world’s most popular and beloved rose’s. With the end of each season comes the promise of something new.

So rest assured that your favorite rose will be perfectly crafted to enjoy during days on the slopes or evenings by the sea. 

No matter what the time of year, it’s always Whispering Angel season.