05 Jul 2023

Lady Lewis

The Pale Rosé

A friend of ours brought this attractive bottle with a very jolly roaring twenties label and we were excited to sample the contents. The name Sacha Lichine may be familiar to you if you are a wine enthusiast. I feel he knows how to make a memorable rosé that is worthy of respect.

This rosé was fascinating to sample. My sensory experience was misled at first because when I first breathed in the scent I thought this was going to be fresher and sharper than I had hoped. But as soon as the flavours landed on my tongue the fruit was delivered, and for me a very enjoyable mix of flavours. I am so grateful when I detect some citrus in a wine, and the pink grapefruit reassured me that this was my kind of wine. But there was plenty to delight a sweet tooth – notably peach. But Robert suggested there was a cherry blossom aroma in his glass and he was picking up a teasing but delicate combination of both fruity and floral notes.

We both noted how creamy a finish this rosé has, making it such a pleasure to drink. It is not syrupy, it is not caustic. There is so much grace in this pretty rosé and I will without doubt be recommending it to friends. I feel as if this rosé has somehow managed to elegantly blend freshness, fruitiness, floral fragrance and creaminess – which surely is no easy task. Both of us were exceedingly delighted with The Pale Rosé.